Apple Retail Store

Apple Retail Store

Service - Customer Intercepts/Tracking

Background - - Apple Computers Enhance Service. To gain a comprehensive understanding of the customer who visits the genius bar. Specifically, the reason or nature of the visit and its impact on customer behaviors and his / her purchase decision process.

Methodology - Consumers were intercepted at all Apple Stores after they had received service from the Apple Genius Bar. One-to-one interviews were conducted in four of the Apple Stores with approximately 100 surveys completed for each store. The remaining interviews were conducted online (600+ interviews). Each consumer received a small incentive for the time they spent to complete the 20 minute interview. In-store participants received $10 cash. Online participants received a coupon for $5 off their next purchase of $5 or more.

Findings - Use of the Genius Bar impacted overall purchase decisions from 1st time users to repeat consumers and PC switchers.

Client Action - Prohibited information.