Red Fish Grill, Bourbon Street

Red Fish Grill, Bourbon Street

Service – Focus Group Moderation

Background - Every restaurant on Bourbon Street sells some type of seafood. Ralph Brennan, world class restaurateur needed to let locals in New Orleans as well as tourists know what Red Fish was all about.

Methodology - Focus groups to develop laddering of benefits found at Red Fish Grill that made it distinct.

Findings - Red Fish Grill uniquely offered fresh food with a focus on fresh delivery and regional catches vs. local competitors focused on local fish and a bounty of fried fish dishes typical of the South. The brand was found to have strong sense of humor and irreverence.

Client Action - Created a new advertising campaign focused on “Friends don’t let friends eat frozen fish.” and an operational and retail environment refocused effort on communicating the “fresh catch” and “just flown in” story that was uniquely Red Fish Grill.